ESL Classroom Grammar and Activities

  • Grammar points,
  • Develop conversation skills,
  • Improve fluency,
  • Help with critical thinking skills,
  • And create simple questions and answers.

My previous business was in South Korea, where I taught with TESOL qualifications in the education sector from elementary to adult levels.

I know firsthand the frustration with student-teacher connections. I helped students and teachers come together by showing how a kind and caring nature can create more harmony and a better learning experience. Within that time, I ran my own successful home-schooling business with many happy parents as their children overcame shyness and excelled in speaking. None more so when I helped a student who had a complete fear of foreign teachers. He now gets top grades and is a family friend.

The teaching side of me is still there, even though I no longer have physical classes. I now focus on creating books, including a few publications, on helping new teachers fit into other cultures and self-help in CFS and anxiety. It’s a lovely way to share and care for others. I would have loved to have a mentor role when I started teaching. As with everything I do, I am never focused on one category.

If you would like any help, then please let me know. 🙂

Thanks, Nigel

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Top Books

ESL Discussion Books

Have you ever wanted more engaging and colorful English discussions / conversations? The methods here are little or no prep with a warm-up, teacher learning, and practical activities.

Australian Travel Memoir Book

This year-long backpacking memoir started with the idea to travel to Australia. History was the primary goal of this adventure, but other more exciting things got in the way.

Stand Tall Motivational Quotes Book

Are you tired of living with a messy head and anxiety ruining your day? You will read inspiring quotes covering making your day positive, making mental changes, noticing negative thinking, practical skills, and happiness.

Free Apps to Download

Wild Earth Live Android App

How would you like to go on an authentic safari in the Mara or Kruger National Park with guides you can ask questions to? We can not only chat with the guide, but we can chat with other "safarians". Don't forget to use the hashtag #wildearth

Hangukmal Android App

What happens when you try to remember a foreign word on the spot? The pressure makes it even harder to remember. Try instant access to the essential Korean vocabulary.

Chalkboard for Windows

How would you like to write on your screen? Write quickly and effectively. Notes can be saved and deleted with one click. You can even draw with your hand if you have a touch screen.

Numerology Colors Android App

Did you know that each personal day number has specific colors associated? Well, with this app, you can find out what to wear or use as an accessory. In addition, we can learn about the spiritual world and the deeper emotions and vibrations we have each day.

Word Search Puzzle Books

Garden Word Search Puzzle Book

We all know some names of plants, trees, and terms of what we do in the garden. Here's your chance to improve that list and learn much more. You may even find some new plants or ideas for your garden.

Safari Word Search Puzzle Book

Do you know what accessories to take on safari in the Mara or Kruger National Park? How about what birds you might see? And don't forget the Big Five! Relax and improve your well-being.

ESL Word Search Puzzle Book

When students have completed a word search, what can we do next? Well, we can use the words in an exercise or vocabulary-based activity. This book can make the perfect gift for all ESL teachers.