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Sydney Opera House & Nigel

"Hi and welcome to my site. If you're here then you probably know about one of my projects. Thanks for stopping by and why not get in contact if you have a question."
- Nigel

Read about Engaging Activities for Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Levels

Read about my work in progress on the newest books I am making.

I have written a year-long journal in Australia as well as a self-help/wellbeing book.

Nigel Openshaw is a TESOL qualified teacher and taught in South Korea. He taught and managed classes for 8 years with Elementary, Middle, High and Adult students.

His series, “ESL Discussion Topics” came from working in teams, co-teaching and individual teaching.  To read more about his books you can find out more at GoodReads and Amazon.

He is currently working on a new series of activity ESL books. He can be contacted on Twitter at @NigelMOpenshaw

Apart from being an author, he is by profession a web designer. Examples of some of his projects recently made. Suni Web Designs.

When he doesn’t spend his time working as a web designer, he can be found blogging about his kitchen garden. The kitchen garden blog can be found at Everything’s Pleasant.