ESL Classroom Grammar & Activities

  • Grammar points,
  • Develop conversation skills,
  • Improve fluency,
  • Help with critical thinking skills,
  • And create simple questions and answers.

Nigel Openshaw is a TESOL qualified teacher and taught in South Korea. He taught and managed classes for eight years with Elementary, Middle, High, and Adult students.

His series, “ESL Discussion Topics,” came from working in teams, co-teaching, and individual teaching.  To read more about his books, you can find out more at GoodReads and Amazon.

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He is currently working on a new series of activity ESL books. He can be contacted on Twitter at @NigelMOpenshaw

Apart from being an author, he is, by profession, a web designer. When he doesn’t spend his time working as a web designer, he can be found in his kitchen garden.

You can follow him on Gardening on Instagram.

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Free Apps to Download

Wild Earth Live for Android

Download and watch a safari live from South Africa,

Hangukmal for Android

Download a Korean reference app of the top 1000 essential words.

Chalkboard for Windows

Download a whiteboard to record quick sketches. This works well also with touchscreens.

Numerology Colors for Android

Download and learn about Numerology to find out today's color.

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Hi there. If you browse around my site, you will see various projects/ hobbies that I've made. If you would like me to help with books and formatting or graphics and a website, get in touch and tell me about your ideas.