If you have long-lasting thoughts rolling around in your head, then isn’t it time to put them to good use? I am speaking from experience here as I had travelled to Australia 12 years ago and now its as though I have never left. What I mean by that is I had planned at that time to put the journey down on paper in the form of a book. My journey was a life altering experience that I to this day cannot believe how much my thing had changed.

The people I met had wonderful characteristics that rubbed off on me to the point that I left behind someone of a previous way of life. The person I became was like an amalgamation of them all. My existence before was of a much weaker and almost shallow state. What this did however was to end a lot of situations and problems I previously had. To walk away without anything holding on to me was a gift.

And so you can now see why I want to write this down and complete this mission.
At this moment I know I can do it, but I feel I cant give it a respectful that it deserves. My English has improved over the years to the point that I have looked back on my notes and can see considerable differences. But they are just excuses as I know all too well. Now it can be done well and to relive those days and memories again is a great motivational push…but…it’s still waiting to be completed.

As I have said about my story you can’t let something go by taunting you about what could have been.

So get it out, put it down on paper!

Start writing today. Even if its just a small part its still a part.
photo credit: Student girl. via photopin (license)

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