Over the past week Ive noticed my CFS getting slightly worse. I wasnt aware why, probably down to poor sleep I thought. Ive recently been walking, only twice a week, so not too hard.
I had a chat with a new work client the other day who mentioned his relative has fybromyalgia. This topic came up as he had just come from the gym, where by I said I could never do that with my illness.

He then referred to his relative on how difficult the heat can get.

This didnt register with me straight away, until a day or so later as the heat was rising more I thought back to what he said.

Research Time
I did a bit of digging and found that there is a correlation of heat and CFS sufferers. How I missed this connection is beyond me. I guess I took summer heat as a difficulty and accepted my fate. After all don’t we all suffer with the heat?

What made this revelation even more bizzare was the complete lack of caring about heat during my NHS CFS treatment programme.

Any Help?
Again another person who has dealt with CFS in some way has more insight and help than the doctors. If you are also a sufferer or know someone who is would you have any tips to make sleeping better?

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    1. This is really and education. There’s always something new

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