Let me first ask you, do you have any habits that you want to have? We all have habits we want to lose and to improve ourselves, but what about wanting habits that aren’t within out grasp just yet?

Lucky 7!

I heard before that doing something 7 times creates enough data in your head for it to stick long term. Most things we do don’t get classed as common because our day is not a complete repeat of yesterday.

So therefore in theory if you want to start something new and want it to become a habit then you need to do it at least 7 times .

This can help with breaking habits or creating new ones as starting something new can be hard.


My example is to get out of the house for exercise. I work from home which is awesome but as health goes probably not so. Right now I am writing posts along side a river near my house. This alone is a great incentive. But the major problem is starting that activity.
A huge bonus for myself is its sometimes hard to turn your mind off and to wander along somewhere peaceful is great to clear all annoyances.

I bet many people will say, I will do it tomorrow, the weather is too hot or its looking like rain. But if you get started and attempt it even when the situation isn’t the best then you are on your way to achieving a new habit. The power to of actually started is crucial as the daunting effect can side rail us all.

So don’t put off something until another day.

I have created a plan to get out for 5 tines a week and for 30 to 60 minutes. This varies but never cancelled. Where I go is never a copy as each day I may go different ways.

photo credit: Sunbreak Rider via photopin (license)

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