For two long painstaking months I had not wrote anything and I could not even if I wanted. 

The time taught me that to make something I had to be immersed into it but I was not. 

​Practice What you Preach!

Sometimes we just don’t follow our own words.

Bring on the Passion
I had come to believe in a saying that for a while I did not practice and that was to live and breathe in what you love.

Now it all seems so clear that to achieve my goals of writing more ESL books I need to live in that world completely. But not just that, I would also need to not expect anything to be easy because I wrote 3 books so far.

Be the Newbie
My hard learned lesson to share with you all is to do something and see it for the first time otherwise prejudice will affect the outcome.

Look at each thing you do and live the moment. Look at something with fresh eyes and no with no expectations otherwise self inflicted thoughts may hurt you.

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