Why does it take a job application to see your life?

It’s an interesting moment to be at right now. I’ve been poked and prodded with boxes to fill demanded information from all parts of my life. Forgive me for being a bit flippant but the experience is more of a liberating experience.

I have no idea who will read that and there response until an email arrives with news. The information feels so open that I don’t think I even have told people close to me all of those details.

The whole process was done over a few sites mainly with major players in my market. The requesting boxes asked for quite a bit from me, but you do feel that every word could send your application spiraling into the trash can.

Their requests seemed respectful too and asked most of the same questions. Where it pays to take more concentration is in the ‘other’ boxes. They sit there at the bottom of the standard parts and look as an extra, but they probably should take more time than the others.

Give it a go!

By the end of completing a few, you notice what areas you should probably work at. What I mean by this is that your application has to be complete, strong and polished. If you look flaky in certain areas then you need to work out how to solve those. This may even be by taking courses and being more educated.

So, right now I do hope that the finished applications will lead to something, but I do feel more prepared for future attempts.

PS if you feel prepared after this, I bet you’re not even close to being prepared for an interview. I know I’m not 🙂

photo credit: A Place for Writing via photopin (license)

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