Most people do too many things that affect how we get through each day. Outsource whatever to other people who can do the job can do better than you can.

If you do not believe me then answer this: when was the last time you cut your own hair or the last time you did your own washing? I mean literally hand washing by the way. Moreover, you will notice quite simply as we do outsource some things that we should be letting go of so much more.

Another personal example is that I have recently acquired is to give up typing and simply speaking into my smartphone that can make speech become text. There a significant improvement as most times when you try to write something you probably cannot go as quick as your memory and with this way you outsource and get it done straight away.
Some people cannot cook and so they do not starve but go to a restaurant.

Obviously you cannot outsource everything as why would you outsource a vacation or making money? Joking aside, why do we seem to be content to spend our lives doing so many meaningless tasks that can be done so much more efficiently and with better quality, yet we do still decide to do them?

Tips to Outsource Everyday Home Tasks:

  1. Shopping – Order online and avoid the cues
  2. Gardening – Give up having a dirty lawnmower and hire someone to do the major work.
  3. Laundry – Give up trying to get a professional ironing job and get it done properly.
  4. House Clean – Hire someone to clean and dust the house.
  5. Cooking – Sometimes what we want is not always what we can cook. Restaurants can be more convenient.
  6. Health – Get a trainer as you don’t always know what is best for you.
  7. Technology – If you have tech difficulties then hire someone to service and set all cables perfectly.
  8. Money – Sometimes finances can get on top of us so some help could always be helpful.
  9. Bugs – I would say many would either the idea of killing animals that get into wrong places.

One thing to remember is that we cannot always get the best results and so asking for help is not a failure in any way.

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