Recently, my computer broke.

It seems right now as the best ting to happen to me as I feel mentally tired. It’s like I have been running on auto pilot. When on the computer, I would always be thinking and doing either writing or mostly coding.

I now go to bed early and get up at around 6:30 and then rest and relax when I can work out what to do. This has for such a long time not been my schedule. Waking up in the morning and hearing the birds singing and with a cool summer breeze blowing is so magical.

A strange effect I did not expect was that just recently I took 4 minutes of my PB for 10km. I could keep going much more than I usually could as my energy had a welcomed boost.
I feel tired mentally, but it’s getting better. I have pushed and pushed for so long that normality has become a distant memory.

In Summary

The lesson here is that less is most definitely more especially at night as your body will thank you for it. I actually feel like I am on vacation in my own mind.

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