I have just been speaking with a couple of students about the idea of having a bucket list. The list items were difficult to come by basically because they’ve never really thought about their future in that way.

The concept of having this list of things to do in later life was almost alien. Naturally, in life we have things we want to do and many places that we want to go to see.

Whats Hot?

We would love to see many wonderful countries, eat many good foods, live in cultures that are more different than our own. It’s fun to think of these things as being put in a bucket list. For them though it was strange.

So the question is what is the purpose of a bucket list? If it’s just a case of having things you want done before the end then is it wrong?

Eventually we got down to some parts including traveling, writing, seeing animals and far locations. Included was experiencing cultures and living amongst people that doesn’t involve the commercial structure of the Western world. From there we kind of worked out that we just want to live normally. We don’t want to live in an extreme environment and we want to be with people. So therefore is that selfish? And what’s next? Should we have a bucket list at all? I question if it’s worthy or not.

Custom Sized List

What if the idea of a bucket list for a person doesn’t really need to be but becomes more of a bucket list for you and friends or you and your family? I can see that from my side to create a list that maybe so, but then again does it have to have the title of being called a bucket list as I like to do things. I would like to go to places where I can experience and see countries that are much different than my own. Why do I need to wait until I am 70 plus or have a terminal disease?

I would like to do those things now. I guess many other people would also share that same feeling but we can’t, mostly due to having responsibilities.

photo credit: Swimming with Whale Sharks via photopin (license)

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