​Here are a few points to make life less complicated. The sad fact is that we make most of the complicated situations as that is what we believe is correct.

So here are eight simple tips to hopefully help you along.

Eight Mantras: 

  1. Not everything I do means there should be a consequence.
  2. I am demanding too much.
  3. If I go for a walk it means I am going for a walk, nothing else.
  4. Not everything has to have a reason, just enjoy it. Sometimes I should let the river flow on by.
  5. Accept what is and look closer at what I should be doing.
  6. Don’t look out but look in and be happy.
  7. I should be able to express and be free.
  8. Share hope with friends as alone doesnt help.

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photo credit: Happy gehts gut via photopin (license)

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  1. Share your comments here. Let me know of any mantras you have. Cheers!

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