English for Advanced Level Students

Engaging Activities to Develop Opinions, Critical Thinking and Debating Skills

Lesson 1. Topic Debating

This is a basic introduction to debating. The statement chosen will be discussed for creditable pros and cons. The lesson will reveal more into what makes something a pro and a con.

Lesson 2. Informal Phrases

This lesson will test their skills in language creativity. Sometimes a student may look for a meaning with only the words in a literal form, but that isn’t always possible.

Lesson 3. Moral Discussions

The subjects touch on their own morals. With each moral, remember to ask, “What would you do?” This lesson alone will show what makes the students who they are more than other lessons.

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“Great book”
“I love very nice vocabulary. But is for beginers students and intermidiate enjoy this boom good luck lol” – Daniel

Book Intro

This book comes with three lessons that cover English conversation and discussion for Advanced levels. Even though advanced are at a good level they are not completely fluent but will have skills that can allow them to express freely. And thats what this book will test.

All lessons have been taught in South Korean schools with Elementary, Middle, High, Adults and academies (hagwons).

The lessons that follow can be adapted to run from 30 to 90 minutes. They often start with about 5-10 minutes of free talking. This can cover how the students are, what they have been doing or plan to do, as well as contributions from the teacher.

Lesson 1 Topic Debating
Lesson 2 Informal Phrases
Lesson 3 Moral Discussions

The structure of the lessons is modular, with clear and obvious steps to take. Everything starts with the teacher’s preparation work. Depending on the students’ ability, topics might need a quick worksheet or short classroom activity at the start of the lesson, and you will need to set aside time to devise this.

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