Australia and New Zealand Backpacked

Travelling in a land with totally relaxed people and overly agitated animals that would bite and poison you at any chance

Here is a story of my dream to see Australia and New Zealand. A journey has to start somewhere and this one started a long time ago in a sleepy little town outside of Manchester.

I had no idea of being a traveller, how to do this or even when, but I had the dream to go and that was enough. It started in way back in 1988 as I saw Australia’s bicentennial celebrations. The party and patriotism for their country were like nothing else I had seen. I was hooked.

I had two main goals, which included to learn about their history and to see their unique wildlife. To me, there was no other country so diverse.

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Travelling in another can be intimidating. Having references and information from others, no matter who would always help.

The problem is then what information would you need. Details covering places and hotels can be readily available on Internet sites as well as reviews. But what they do not do is to show a path or journey around and how much time you need.

I planned my travels based on a Rough Guide book. Some used the major player in books, being the Lonely Planet guide. With mine, I could choose the best places and hotels that seemed most fitting from the maps given. The places I chose meant I did not have to travel too far out of the cities and kept walking to a minimum.

But as I said, timing and planning a journey were completely on my shoulders. I hope to show my travels and experiences in a timely routine that includes making a plan and how to use it perfectly.

I have also included financial and working notes. I worked a few months on farms as well as private work, using my own computer training, and also cleaning, which had surprisingly high wages.

A note to be especially aware of when travelling is your health and I had a few experiences with doctors through my travels.

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