Keep Your Head Up and Stand Tall

Let Everybody Know That You Are Here, Complete With New Goals and Fresh Outlook on Life

What you will see in this book is the split of two main sections. The sections are then broken down into different categories but the style of approach is much different.


  1. (1-5) The first section is faster paced than the second section. It is full of shorter and more direct actions to get your motivation up. 
  2. (6-10) The second section is longer and more methodical, complete with examples and more definitions.


In either section, the material serves as a starter for you to then move on and take action. If you have taken no action, then what you have read serves as no purpose. We need to take action to proceed and improve life and this book will guide you.

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5.0 out of 5 stars

“I just needed this book now”
“made me want to get up and make a change. my life has been filled with too many ‘hurdles’.” – Review by a Customer

Book Intro

After two years of constant tweeting, I noticed that the list was holding some insightful thoughts. At that point, I decided to write about them, covering the background and some added explanations. It was interesting how after so long that, I could still instantly talk about them.

I initially decided to break them all down into chapters of ten parts and so then, I had to create the categories. This did not come that naturally and did take more time to perfect. After a while, they came together and the writing started. The writing was a little unorthodox, as I wrote initially by speaking into a smartphone. That is not so strange, granted, but what if I told you that it was done while walking through rice fields in South Korea. I come from Manchester England, I worked in an English school and to go home I would walk through farmland, 80% of which was rice. To be walking through was a wonderful mind cleansing.

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