My Other Books

My Books Have Come From Various Projects in My Life​

I have a passion for learning history and seeing nature in the places I see. To look back at the history can give us an enthusiastic sense of understanding of other cultures.

I love travelling with visiting countries such as South Korea, Australia, Finland, Wales, Ireland and UAE. A couple of the places I stayed were working holidays. 
Time in Australia and New Zealand lasted for a year and as such made for a life-changing turn of events. Their culture was life changing and so that then turned my journal notes into a published book.

Australia and New Zealand Backpacked

‘Travelling in a Land With Relaxed People and Overly Agitated Animals That Would Bite and Poison You at Any Chance’

This year-long backpacking memoir started with an idea to travel to Australia. What shocking exploration happened in the middle was not planned. I gave up my life for something new.

You’ll learn about some remarkable fact-filled places and unique locations. Don’t forget where to stay, great places to see, how to save money as well as how to make money on a working holiday.

Get to witness some epic times, including:
· Seeing Steve Irwin
· Sailing in the Whitsunday Islands
· The road trip to see an eclipse
· Climbing a glacier in New Zealand
· New Year’s Eve in Sydney Harbour.
Nigel’s fun journey took nothing except a small backpack to the other side of the world for an epic adventure.

Here is a story of my dream to see Australia and New Zealand. A journey must start somewhere, and this one was a long time ago in a sleepy compact town outside of Manchester.

I did not understand being a traveler, or even when, but I had the dream to go, and that was enough. It was way back in 1988 as I saw Australia’s bicentennial celebrations. The party and patriotism for their country were like nothing else I had seen. I was hooked! I had two primary goals, which included to learn about their history and to understand their unique and diverse wildlife.

While mentally planning, I watched some television programs, including a few famous people. Some inspired me to a one-day visit. This was to be more than a standard vacation as I wanted to live and breathe in their culture. Michael Palin, a well-known comedian, had been a significant source of inspiration.

Another was Billy Connolly. He made a travel documentary as he rode around in Australia from venue to venue, where he performed stand-up gigs. His methods were more tourist-driven but inspired me to walk where he went.

I came from a one-month vacation, staying with a close and kind friend in Dubai. The reason I mention my wonderful friend was because she had traveled to Australia a few years before me. She had also been a significant source of help and inspiration in making my travels to become so much more productive.

Thus, I left my stressful computer job in rainy Manchester for a year of sun, sea, and special times down under.

Keep Your Head Up and Stand Tall

‘Let Everybody Know That You Are Here, Complete With New Goals and Fresh Outlook on Life’

Are you tired of living with a messy head and anxiety ruining your day?

Nigel now understands his condition with more clarity as he discovered answers and tackled his fears to transform his day.
You will read inspiring quotes covering making your day positive, and making mental changes, how to notice negative thinking, practical skills, and happiness.

These are the topics Nigel will share:
– Resilience
– Productivity
– Clarity
– Happiness
– Motivation
– Friendship
– Behavior

If you have taken no action, then what you have read serves as no purpose.
The keyword here is action. It is up to you to do something.

How would you like to improve your inspiration and your daily life? Your incentive applies at various times and in diverse ways to us all. The power of inspiration is, therefore, achievable on a personal level.

I have broken this pocket guide into seven categories: resilience, productivity, clarity, happiness, motivation, friendship, and behavior.

The material serves as a starter for us to move on and act. If we take no action, then what we have read anywhere before serves as no purpose.

We have many exercises to fit into our lives. Do those that help for now and come back later for any remaining. The keyword here is action. It is up to you to do something.