Word Search Puzzles

Fun Challenges for All the Family and Learners

Relax and improve your wellbeing. We sharpen our skills while doing puzzles because it keeps the mind active. You can also improve your mindfulness and be more in the moment.

There are fun and challenging grids with hidden words for all pages. All hidden words are well known within the themes. All themed puzzles have been carefully designed to give a varied mix of directions. They can be up, down, diagonal as well as backward.

To make the word search puzzles work, I have simplified by combining a few names. Spaces and hyphens have been removed to make one lone name, both in the word list and the grids.

  • All word search grids have been carefully designed to have a mixed layout of words where possible.
  • You will notice on those quizzes that the words haven’t been joined. You must find the individual parts in the grid.
  • Answers for all grids can be found after the word searches and the list of the hidden words. All hidden words are commonly known to that group.
  • All word searches have an average of around 20 words per page, so that’s plenty to be getting on with.

For more books and getting in touch, look at the back of the book.


The Puzzle Books So Far

Are you stuck on a word? Try asking a friend or family. Otherwise, you could check the book. Solutions at hand, if you’re stuck and need help, then the completed grids and hidden words are in the back of the book.

This book can make the perfect gift with hours of fun for all puzzle enthusiasts. Ideal while taking it easy traveling or at home in a big comfortable chair. Learn new words on different subjects, calmly and methodically.

Nigel Openshaw is a qualified ESL teacher with TESOL certifications. He taught in South Korea for eight years before returning to Manchester, UK, where he continued teaching ESL to students, including Spanish and Arabic speakers. Since his initial ESL training and time spent teaching in South Korea, he has collected some tried and tested lessons that developed into a few books to help with lesson plans.

His series, “ESL Discussion Topics,” came from working in teams, co-teaching, and individual teaching.

The latest work is “Fun Classroom Grammar & Activities,” which has 30 exciting lessons to share. He is currently working on more self-help books as he suffers from CFS and social anxiety.

He can be found, when free, blogging about his kitchen garden. He can be contacted on Twitter at @NigelMOpenshaw