Don’t Give Up on Making 2020 a Great Year!

Mindfulness is Only Good if You Do Something About It It's only January so let's start 2020 as we mean to go on. Don’t give up on making this a great year.It's a shame that anxiety kicks in so much as it takes all fun out of the things we do. For me, I can feel it growing with an overpowering expectation to be more than I am. It’s too much pressure to deal with. So, Have You Any New Year Resolutions? I'm not a person who believes much in them, as waiting for a certain date to start doing something seems a waste of those…

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Reaching Out for Help is Not a Failure

I've held back from blogging and most other things. I was stretched. It was a world I wasn't happy in. The rules weren't mine. How can I live happily if I don't even know who I am, let alone what to be and do? Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Social Anxiety own me so much there’s no room for anything else. So I took a moment to ask who am I? And the response was …. tumble weeds. I had no idea. It's like my whole life was fake. So much time spent pleasing others that I don't even know when I was happy. How to move…

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