Deal with Negative Barriers

My How I deal with the abnormal and at times, the impossible I read online and my local library about wellbeing and mindfulness. It helps in keeping my head and health in good check. One topic I read was about the warping of our sense of belief, called cognitive distortion. There are a few conditions that fit well with my negative state, such as: We are a state of failure and will always be so. And asking for help is a sign of weakness. I have just finished CBT therapy for social anxiety. It lasted for 12 sessions of an hour a time. It helped yes,…

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Give Something the Respect it Deserves

Everybody has heard of the old cliché of life not being about the destination but about the journey. I have to say for myself that is not that easy. Why would we ignore the life learning adventures only to get somewhere and have no understanding or memories of how we got there? What about self-achievement? And so stop trying to finish things off and enjoy the process. Instead If I catch myself trying to finish things off then I stop and walk away. Doing something deserves the proper time it needs.

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You Want Success? Great, Then Get Passionate!

Who wants success? I would say everyone, Yes? Next question: Do you want fulfilment? We would mostly agree as it seems a good thing to have. But our belief to be fulfilled is not as much as success. To have success without being fulfilled would leave us a little empty. So, how can we get around to obtaining more feeling? We need engagement and energy Passion and feeling needs to be put into what we do, otherwise, why bother? How would you feel if you have a day talking to others with clarity, trust, openness, sincerity and caring? If it sounds great, then would you be…

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It’s Time to Clear out and Start Fresh!

Yay we are in a new year! And what better time than to give your life a new approach. If you are feeling weighed down with burdens from yourself then it's time to find out if you really need to do them. Sometimes we give ourselves things to do in believing they are necessary for our progression to a better life. I am guilty of this with many side projects over the years.Ask yourself, if you stopped whatever you were doing and never did it again, would your life be better or worse? If that's tough to answer, then look at it to then filter your…

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Take the Afternoon Off and Get Out of the House

As I write this, I sit alone in a local park with only the insect for company. The reason I am alone is simple as its 35C. For myself I am pushing my health more than I have done before and it is starting to show. I have lost an incredible amount of weight and my stamina has increased beyond anything I could before remembering, so much so that jogging is now a new possibility. There are a few old guys walking through and occasionally kids on bikes and that's about it. It's a lovely temperature to be honest as a calm breeze with not much…

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How to Check if Your Career is Out of Order

So, how tasty is your block of cheese? Not sure what I'm talking about, then read on. A long time ago there was a boss I had that used a saying called 'don't be attracted by the block of cheese'. At the time this was quite strange as we were unaware of the reason why he was saying it, so it was seemingly quite funny to us to use this saying for it was not rightly explained. So, looking back on it now it does make sense because you can get suckered into something that doesn't kind of help in the long-term of your career. We…

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