Do we do things because we have to or because we want to?
How do you feel if you have to do something? I guess you might feel like a little kid being dragged to school by their mother. Now compare that to the feeling of doing something because you want to.

There is a huge difference and so the question you should ask is how can those jobs make us feel like were being dragged kicking and screaming to be then changed to a feeling of excitement and being curious?

The reason is to lose the baggage of things that are holding you back. These can come from anywhere and anyone including yourself. We tag on so much emotional baggage to things even if we don’t know we’re doing it.

Find your Clarity
The result is lack of motivation and inspiration. We then reach out to others. We listen to someone maybe on a blog about inspiration, but then a few months later give up as we are all back to the state of long before.

We expect results and improvement in our lives but we don’t pay respect enough to the methods to get the improvements. We want everything done now and quickly.

And so again, we need to lose the previous baggage we hoped would help. We need to look more to ourselves about what we should do. Accept things before as failure and move on to new times of being curious and excited.

photo credit: VickVision mobile clothes via photopin (license)

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