I seem to speak about inspirational stuff in most of my posts about things that I’ve done or things that seem to trigger a curious streak within me but then I can ask to myself what inspires me.

I question this because it seems it’s an easy question as I write posts about similar things, but then to answer the question about what inspires me seems a lot more difficult almost the same kind question is when you have an interview so what is unique about yourself there’s also an insanely impossible question to answer maybe that is the reason

I think inspirational but what inspires me?
I read posts constantly from fellow bloggers and they have inspirational, motivational things in their lies and challenges aspirations.

So what can I do?
We all have activities, but what inspires us to do them?

  • Gardening
  • Sketches
  • Book writing
  • Travelling

I should lead more by example and not just explaining. I think this is now my inspirational moment to think of doing and not just being the teacher and so now I have a new mission as in what should what will make my inspirational journey more fulfilled.

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  1. I write to inspire me to change. And i guess it will be the same for you. Because when thoughts float in our head they float. But when we commit pen to paper then we change…
    Just a thought🤔

  2. Yeah, I too love it when the thoughts become material and tangible. It can be hard sometimes to imagine that end result as the situation can be over demanding.

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