I have a bad habit of putting things down before they have begun. I am ready many times to stop something with the mindset of it will fail.

Being a tad pessimistic is something I know I am and so it becomes a double edge sword. On one side it can help you to push you into being more positive, but then it can put you into a place that you are unfamiliar with and so judgment can become clouded.

But with that there is one way to fix all and that is to talk to friends. It’s an easy fix in theory, but for many people who have pride or are not that social then it can have it’s difficulties.

The Best Remedy – don’t think about it and just do it!

What can happen apart from maybe a bit of embarrassment if what you are doing in their eyes is wrong or just strange. Friends advice would be more honest than a total stranger.

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  1. Yeap just do it and change perspective of failure because each inventor instead of saying they failed always say i found 1000 ways of not doing it and then eventually find tge right way. No experience in life is wasted if you learn from it.

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