I have recently been observing discussions in different forms an what I noticed was there had been, usually a set bunch of rules that can be applied in different settings. These places could be discussion, presentational, educational to say the least.

Below you can find my top 20 rules in constructive speaking. Be aware they are slightly candid.

​1 Ask direct questions and control over eager speakers.
2 Speak clearly, sit up and no slouching.
3 Reduce personal talking time and listen.
4 Create a simpler method of introducing something.
5 If someone is doodling somehow or distracted it means they are bored so change it up.
6 Too many questions and not enough answers then try an example.
7 Improve quality of time without enforcing any rules.
8 Clarify to achieve an understanding. Repeat back their answers for more.
9 Spend equal time on all people but not for equal results.
10 Look happy even if it is the worst day ever, unless they can help.
11 Do not be upset with pouting or disgruntled actions from some people.
12 Keep active and reduce quiet times.
13 If you want to repeat keep it clear and short.
14 Show approval of being correct.
15 Their language skills may suck so let somethings fly.
16 Refrain from yes and no questions.
17 Make them repeat if they seem unsure.
18 Slow up on any quirky movements.
19 Break the flow when anything gets repeatetive.
20 Keep a log of your notes.

I hope these help when you next have a discussion. Remember though to try a few at once and not to attempt too many.

GDS Hub at Civil Service Live 2016 via photopin (license)

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  1. Hi all.
    If you have any disussion tips then share here.

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