​What makes trust? 
More importanly where does it come from? I have recently put trust under the spotlight as to what makes it and why is it sometimes a case of distrust.

Earlier today I took a walk and I thought to myself, as someone walked past me, should they trust me?

I look at myself and I am in good shape, I wear decent clothes and I carried water bottle, so I seemed to know how to care for myself. Why does face value not work for us all the time?
My question is what is trust to someone that would be simply walking by?

I recently had a discussion about trust with a few friends where I deduced that for them to trust someone in a working environment they needed to have some choice in the matter in choosing to interact with that person. An example of a chosen person would be a doctor or a chef.

A new category I did not think about before was a neutral ground. What this entailed were people such as teachers, or police where we have no option but to accept from to the system that they were trustworthy.

The bottom category included homeless people, strangers and politicians. I personally think MPs need some better profiling as they are in a stranded group. What makes it worse for them is they then want you to vote for them.

In Summary
So where does distrust come from?  Media has not helped much with its nationalist, religious and puerile ways. But we also have to include age and appearance that are different from our own. We live within similar environments to friends etc and so our circles stay small. The medicine here is to trust others and be open to new thinking.

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photo credit: U.S. Pacific Fleet 161002-N-SF984-055 via photopin (license)

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  1. What makes you trust someone? Let me know below

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