​When you see a friend, tell them how great they look and ask how have they been. If they dissagree with your kind words and don’t believe then it might be either time for the psychological hat or change of subject.

People might look at themselves and think they are not so good, but if you can convince them, then they would have a better day due to your influence. They will then appreciate being with you more and want to spend even more time with you.

A good way is to lead by example and if your friend or coleague looks at you and sees you looking to be in a right place then they will then believe you to be a great role model.

In Summary

Try putting it into into practice where you are able to help others to look good also. People need to feel good and you are now an area where you can help them.

photo credit: Happiness is always a choice. You can’t wait for circumstances to get better. You have to create your own good fortune. So look for ways to be happy every day via photopin (license)

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