If you want something, have you done everything you need to get it? It can be easy to let things just go by. What I mean by that is what if you didn’t. So therefore how do we know that it’s not enough if we believe that it is.

Well it’s actually quite easy, we ask someone.

No matter where or what you do there is someone who you can ask. It’s actually a great way to get fresh eyes on something. There does lie a problem with that and that comes from people wanting to please you. This may be because of peer pressure or even a novice in what you need help with. This can be a problem so the easy option is find someone else.

The thing is that you in theory shouldn’t call on a second or even third person for advice just because the fist didn’t live up to expectations but more of getting an average value.
We all believe were educated enough to complete something competently but just calling on someone else can make all the difference. It doesn’t mean you are any less of a person.

An appreciation of outsourcing

I wrote a book a few years back and the content in my eyes was good. But to get feedback from others showed me areas that needed improving. I had a habit of writing short sentences which then led to a punchy and fragmented style that didn’t help in making a smooth flow. I would never have questioned that at all and so the end product would have suffered.
The first state was no pig-headed approach as I wanted to let people give me feedback on it before release but even so there will be time when that will happen. If you’re at that point then you definitely need advice.

photo credit: Piglets via photopin (license)

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