Some people love to complain, it seems to be part of them. I know a few who definitely fit the bill. I also have been known to participate. Keeping my cool at times has been  challenge that failed. I guess its just in our nature to lose it.
Its good for the body to relieve that energy. I am at the moment living in South Korea and the natural form of expressing complaining is totally unwanted. Complaining is at times a breach in trust and can scar relationships. The problem here shows not everyone can release that energy.  Dare I say there is a lot of drinking in South Korea.
So to take a complaint and make it practical with a solution can make you look more effective. Even if the situation gets addressed in a querying light can still look good. If you feel the need to complain, then take a moment to think about whatever is wrong and then see if you can apply some advice or help.
A phrase that can fit is ‘take one step forward and two steps back’. You need to create a rest bite from the problem as it is emotion that takes over. If its in your character to blow your top then this is sound advice.
photo credit: 126: (angry) bird via photopin (license)

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