My Free Apps

Below are some of my development projects. I was a professional software analyst and developer quite some time ago, but my major passion for coding has been in HTML / CSS and JS since the mid-’90s. Things have changed and grown a lot since then, and it’s such an exciting and creative hobby for me. I hope you like these apps.

Wild Earth Live for Android

Download a Watch a safari live from South Africa, complete with interactive guides from Kruger National Park

Hangukmal for Android

Download a Korean reference app of the top 1000 essential words.

Chalkboard for Windows

Download a whiteboard to record quick sketches. This works well also with touchscreens.

Numerology Colors for Android

NEW 2020:
Download and learn about simple Numerology to find out what color is best for today.

If you like my projects then would you be willing to donate?

I make my software and apps as free as I don’t see they need a price. I would say that any money that might be given would be for gratitude in the ability to use for whatever you do. Thanks so much if you can.