This blog started in early January, but with my time becoming ever so tight recently, my chance to post for all of February became very hard. Even so the thought of nothing being released was always with me to the point that the next post was growing in pressure to release.

And so after 5 weeks I have released a new post. Hurrah!

The point is that during that time my writing hadn’t actually stopped but just not posted. So over the next few weeks I should be able to post out more than previously.

This is in my eyes a fail

My point here is not to do nothing. To do something of any value shows people you are there and care for what you do. And in return people also will care that you have shown to them you can still do.

There’s good in not holding back

The release right now feels great and I feel as good as when I was in my initial flow. So again, don’t hold back and give something even if it is small.

photo credit: Poetry in the Making via photopin (license)

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