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Never when I was young would ever have thought I would be a teacher—remembering what stale and lifeless lessons I faced struck me that I have to up my game and be more of an edutainer.

I previously was a developer, and these days, that has become a hobby. I was a professional software analyst and developer quite some time ago, but my primary passion for coding has been in HTML / CSS and JS since the mid-’90s. Things have changed and grown a lot since then, and it’s such an exciting and creative hobby for me. I hope you like these apps.

The teaching side of me is still there, even though I no longer have physical classes. I now focus on creating books, including a few publications, on helping new teachers fit into other cultures and self-help in CFS and anxiety. It’s a lovely way to share and care for others. I would have loved to have a mentor role when I started teaching. As with everything I do, I am never focused on one category.

Cant believe I found this on the Internet of me teaching back in 2013

Chalkboard for Windows

How would you like to write on your screen? Write quickly and effectively. Notes can be saved and deleted with one click. What makes this even more fun is that you can draw with your hand if you have a touch screen.

ESL Discussion Books

Have you ever wanted more engrossing and colorful English discussions/conversations? The methods here are little or no prep with a warm-up, teacher learning, and practical activities.

ESL Activities Book

Have you ever struggled to produce killer ideas for a lesson? How creative are you at making exciting lessons? The lesson plans are little or no prep with a warm-up – show and tell, keywords & expressions, and practical grammar activities, as well as practical activities/projects.

ESL Word Search Book

When students have completed a word search, what can we do next? Well, we can use the words in an exercise or vocabulary-based activity. There are fun and challenging grids with hidden words for all pages. All hidden words are well known within the themes. All themed puzzles have been carefully designed to give a varied mix of directions. They can be up, down, diagonal as well as backward.

Hangukmal for Android

What happens when you try to remember a word on the spot? The pressure makes it even harder to remember. I know, I've been there. And that's why I made this app - instant access to the essential Korean words. Choose from 24 categories with extensive collections of commonly used words.

If you like my projects then would you be willing to donate?

I make my software and apps as free as I don’t see they need a price. I would say that any money that might be given would be for gratitude in the ability to use for whatever you do. Thanks so much if you can.