Comprehensive ESL English Discussion Topics

'Engaging Activities for Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Levels'

Have you ever wanted more engaging and colorful English discussions/conversations? The methods here are little or no prep with a warm-up, teacher learning, and practical activities.

Advanced-level students will learn: 
– Brainstorming sessions
– Synonyms and antonyms
– Engage in familiarity
– Confidence
– Simple conversations
– Informal expressions
– Simple words
– Colloquialisms, slang, euphemisms
– Moral choices
– And 100 conversation topics

Nigel draws upon more than ten years of teaching English and encouraging students to speak. He has created this Step by Step Guide to build lessons efficiently and teach ESL students well.

The free resources mean you can reuse the lessons repeatedly, which builds familiarity and confidence for all.

We can adapt the lessons that follow to run from 30 to 90 minutes. They can start with about 5-10 minutes of free talking. This can cover how the students are, what they have been doing, and contributions from you.
The structure of the lessons is modular, with exact steps to take. Everything starts with the preparation work. Depending on the students’ ability, topics might need a quick worksheet or short classroom activity at the start of the lesson and will need to set aside time to devise this. I have listed reference materials for each lesson. I give both British and US spellings of words, for example, “favourite/favorite.”

Each lesson’s purpose is for students to gain confidence and increase their vocabulary by talking about different topics. If they are unsure about what to do, this might mean a need for preparatory work first.

Lessons always progress according to the following stages:

  1. Warm-up and Objective – Introduce the topic and go over any preliminary exercises that need to be covered.
  2. Exploration and Comprehension – Explain the class material and ensure students understand.
  3. Guided Student Practical – With help from you, students practice the exercise in pairs or small groups.
  4. Student Presentation and Evaluation – This is the students’ opportunity to prove to the rest of the class what they have discussed.
  5. Review and Assess – At this stage, review any problems with comprehension and practical usage.
  6. Bonus Activity – This is a short and fun activity that acts as a review method and a welcome break.

This material has covered classes with anything up to twenty students. The lessons are easy to adapt, depending on your classroom size and level. A large class encourages smaller groups to discuss topics together and ask the students to share their ideas with the entire class.

Individual Books

If you would like a particular section from the book, then have a look blow. There are three levels available: Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced.

"One day, I looked at the teaching materials I'd accumulated as an ESL teacher in South Korea and realized what a great resource they'd make for other teachers."

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English for Elementary to Advanced Level Students

I hope the methods and materials presented here give you as much fun and insight as they gave my students and me. I learned so much from the students’ diverse backgrounds that I would never have experienced without the opportunity of teaching abroad. 

I would love to know about your experiences with these lessons. Please give a review on Amazon and share the good vibes.