Comprehensive Lessons - ESL Classroom Grammar & Activities

'A Step by Step Guide to Teaching 30 Fun and Educational English Grammar-based Lessons and 30 Practical Activities'

Have you ever struggled to produce killer ideas for a lesson? How creative are you at making exciting lessons?

The lesson plans are little or no prep with a warm-up – show and tell, keywords & expressions, and practical grammar activities, as well as practical activities/projects – all with flexible classroom sizes with varied skill levels.

All lessons have helpful grammar explanations to save the teacher’s grace.

The students will learn:

  • Thirty grammar points,
  • Develop conversation skills,
  • Improve fluency,
  • Help with critical thinking skills,
  • And create simple questions and answers.

Nigel draws upon more than ten years of teaching English and encouraging students to speak and motivate them. He has created this Step by Step Guide to build lessons efficiently and teach ESL students well.

The free printable resources mean you can reuse the lessons repeatedly, which builds familiarity and confidence. Details on the free resources can be found inside this book.

A single lesson on average can be about 35-40 minutes. If your classes are different, then I am sure you can adapt to the lesson sizes.
The structure for each subject will last for two lessons with a couple longer than that. Most students rarely hold retention and Interest for that amount of time. They prefer punchier education with more entertainment and action. The lengthier lessons are more to the end of the book with more advanced topics.
This book makes for an initial formal experience, followed by a more open and creative practical activity. Most lessons also need preparation. These can include printing worksheets or bringing props for Show and Tell.
This book has 30 subject-based topics but has over 60 actual lessons with a grammar lesson and a practical. They cover various areas to engage the students to work in English. 

I have included both the US and British spelling of certain words. They would look like “favourite/favorite.”

The structure of the initial lesson runs in the same modular styles as follows:

  1. Show and Tell – This is a quick start and a taster of the lesson and should be done in a fun and entertaining manner. Start on the right foot.
  2. Keywords – These are based on both the subject and the grammar point.
  3. Expressions – These cover the structure of the grammar with being loosely based on the subject.
  4. Lesson Activity – This section uses the words and phrases so far in a small grammar-based activity. The students should understand the grammar point by the time of the first lesson.
  5. Practical – This is part 2 of the lesson subject, complete with a presentation or review.


An important note: The grammar listed here is not a comprehensive guide. Most have been simplified purely for the usage in these lessons. As with most English, many exceptions would have been too complicated for ESL learners.

And as with most materials, if they do not understand, try more formal explaining, with worksheets.

Free printable resources are available on this site.

"One day I looked at the teaching materials I'd accumulated as an ESL teacher in South Korea and realized what a great resource they'd make for other teachers."

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