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Mental health is a complicated field to be in. I’ve had a fair share of problems to deal with, and the main problem I found was how physical and mental boundaries cross so easily.  And on top of that comes the spiritual side too.

My ability to notice others’ feelings are, at times, quite sensitive. I can be overwhelmed with so many signals, but I have recently learned to focus and filter what I need to see after learning more about this condition. Looking back on my life in stressful situations, I can now see why they became stressed and wished I had known this earlier.

I have been diagnosed with both Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and social anxiety, but it has eased much pain since getting a diagnosis. Not knowing where there are problems only hinders in focusing our efforts. I am now an advocate for well-being, as it is a wonderful tool that helps with chronic illness.

What I do each day is almost rebooted. Previously, I had to rethink what I could do and how I could achieve anything in my day. It’s hard as we are driven to succeed, but I had to take it easy and go slow. I almost had to become someone new and break all previous routines. To a point, it is a harsh thing to do, but very rewarding.

Mental health is a journey. We don’t always know where it will take us.

A Personal Blog

Our lives are full of adventures. Some of those are not what we expect. Mental health is a problem that most people face. And it's how we deal with them that makes us who we are.

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