A Mindful Life of Wellbeing - A Personal Blog

Here are my posts on personal matters. I’m an advocate for mindful and wellbeing with suffering from CFS and anxiety for many years.
Health, either physically or mentally, is essential, but mental health is not commonly discussed as much as it should.
Please feel free to talk on the posts.

  • How about a Healthier Home Office?
    I love gardening and that’s mostly outside, but this time I shall try it indoors. I researched for healthy office plants and found an old plant that I’ve not seen since I was a kid. My dad used to have them in our old […]
  • It’s Time for a New Focus
    This year has become a quest for where I am and what do I want to be doing. It is time to look at our lives in 2020. We must stop doing dumb stuff and truly simplify and make our lives more fulfilling. We need to focus on […]
  • Thank You to the NHS for Giving Me Back My Life
    After seeing how the virus has created panic and chaos to our lives, we are all depending on the NHS so much now. I needed their help and so here’s my grateful story with my time with them. For just over 6 months, […]
  • Secret Detox Drink – How I Partially Help to Heal my CFS
    I improved my focus and clarity with fewer stomach pains. I’ve been battling with CFS, social anxiety and IBS for many years now and I am open to trying anything.I’m not in denial of CFS, far from it, but I […]
  • Don’t Give Up on Making 2020 a Great Year!
    Mindfulness is Only Good if You Do Something About It It’s only January so let’s start in 2020 as we mean to go on. Don’t give up on making this a great year. It’s a shame that anxiety kicks in so much as it takes all fun […]
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Finally I Have a Diagnosis!
    Today was an interesting day as I finally got a definite answer about my tiredness. I have been feeling off for many years and now I know for certain. I met a specialist who asked me a varied mix of questions covering […]
  • Give Something the Respect it Deserves
    Everybody has heard of the old cliché of life not being about the destination but about the journey. I have to say for myself that is not that easy. Why would we ignore life learning adventures only to get somewhere and […]
  • You Want Success? Great, Then Get Passionate!
    Who wants success? I would say, everyone, Yes? Next question: Do you want fulfilment? We would mostly agree as it seems a good thing to have. But our belief to be fulfilled is not as much as success. To have success […]
  • Time for Change and Move On
    Make Way for Progression! I was recently walking through the streets in Manchester UK, when I saw a large building being demolished.  It was like a scene from the Avengers movie with a huge hole in a once sturdy […]
  • It’s Time to Clear out and Start Fresh!
    Yay, we are in a new year! And what better time than to give your life a new approach. If you are feeling weighed down with burdens from yourself then it’s time to find out if you really need to do them. Sometimes […]
  • People are ​What Matter in Life
    I recently changed circles. My life had changed so much that I felt I did not know what to do or who I was. It truly was perplexing and stressful. I returned home to my old town which had a few changes but is mostly the […]
  • Take the Afternoon Off and Get Out of the House
    As I write this, I sit alone in a local park with only the insect for company. The reason I am alone is simple as its 35C. For myself, I am pushing my health more than I have done before and it is starting to show. I have […]
  • Simple Tips on Being a Great Teacher
    Here’s something to ask yourself, can you be a teacher and be a student? To be a teacher is a great experience and for quite a while I never noticed just how much an experience it was going to give me. to be a […]
  • Has Your Career Stalled?
    So, how tasty is your block of cheese? Not sure what I’m talking about, then read on. A long time ago there was a boss I had that used a saying called ‘don’t be attracted by the block of cheese’. […]