Australia and New Zealand Backpacked

A Year Long Travel Memoir

‘Travelling in a Land With Relaxed People and Overly Agitated Animals That Would Bite and Poison You at Any Chance’

This year-long backpacking memoir started with an idea to travel to Australia. What shocking exploration happened in the middle was not planned. I gave up my life for something new.

You’ll learn about some remarkable fact-filled places and unique locations. Don’t forget where to stay, great places to see, how to save money, and how to make money on a working holiday.

Get to witness some epic times, including:
· Seeing Steve Irwin
· Sailing in the Whitsunday Islands
· The road trip to see an eclipse
· Climbing a glacier in New Zealand
· New Year’s Eve in Sydney Harbour.
Nigel’s fun journey took nothing except a small backpack to the other side of the world for an epic adventure.

I have a passion for learning history and seeing nature in the places I see. Looking back at history can give us a keen sense of understanding of other cultures.

I love traveling with visiting countries such as South Korea, Australia, Finland, Wales, Ireland, and the UAE. A couple of the places I stayed in were working holidays. 
Time in Australia and New Zealand lasted for a year and made for a life-changing turn of events. Their culture was life-changing, and so that then turned my journal notes into a published book.

Here is a story of my dream to see Australia and New Zealand. A journey must start somewhere, and this one was a long time ago in a sleepy compact town outside of Manchester.

I did not understand being a traveler, or even when, but I had the dream to go, and that was enough. It was way back in 1988 as I saw Australia’s bicentennial celebrations. The party and patriotism for their country were like nothing else I had seen. I was hooked! I had two primary goals: learning about their history and understanding their unique and diverse wildlife.

While mentally planning, I watched some television programs, including a few famous people. Some inspired me to a one-day visit. This was more than a standard vacation as I wanted to live and breathe in their culture. Michael Palin, a well-known comedian, had been a significant source of inspiration.

Another was Billy Connolly. He made a travel documentary as he rode around in Australia from venue to venue, where he performed stand-up gigs. His methods were more tourist-driven but inspired me to walk where he went.

I came from a one-month vacation, staying with a close and kind friend in Dubai. I mention my wonderful friend because she had traveled to Australia a few years before me. She had also been a significant source of help and inspiration in making my travels to become so much more productive.

Thus, I left my stressful computer job in rainy Manchester for a year of sun, sea, and special times down under.

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