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Australia and New Zealand Backpacked

‘Travelling in a Land With Relaxed People and Overly Agitated Animals That Would Bite and Poison You at Any Chance’

Travelling in another country can be intimidating. Having references and information from others, no matter who would always help.

How would you like to experience what is like to work in Australia? You can read some extraordinary stories of my travels around some great places.

This book is not about great places but also tips to save money.
When taking a working holiday, we may also need to know where to find work.
You can also read about how I made some great friends whilst staying in some comfortable hostels.

The main sections are as follows:
Looking Through the Airport Doors – Our first look of Australia in Sydney
Time for the Beach – Finally left Sydney and headed to Byron Bay
Here Come the Animals – Brisbane Zoo with Steve Irwin
An Aussie Safari – A trip around Fraser Island
Sailing Under the Milky Way – A sailing trip in the Whitsunday Islands
Onwards and Upwards – More coastline to Townsville and Magnetic Island
Banana Farms and Kangaroo Meat – Working Holiday in Tully
Fast Food and Poor Cricket – Relaxing time in Cairns
City vs. Nature – Back to a large city again, Melbourne
The City Before the Outback – A walk around Adelaide
Two Guys and an Old Car – A road trip to see an eclipse
Fireworks, Korean Food and a 100 Dollar Bill – Back in Sydney for Christmas
A Small Excursion to New Zealand – A month trip around the north and south islands
Websites, Nightlife and 40C Heat – Back to Australia and working in Perth
Red Skies, Red Back Spiders and Cabbages – Back on the farms working in Manjimup, South WA
Back to Civilisation – Return to Perth
An Untouched Wilderness – Travelling up towards Pinnacles and Shark Bay
Everything Comes to an End – The long journey home

A note to be especially aware of when travelling is your health and I had a few experiences with doctors through my travels.

Here is a story of my dream to see Australia and New Zealand. A journey must start somewhere and this one started a long time ago in a sleepy little town outside of Manchester.
I had no idea of being a traveller, how to do this or even when, but I had the dream to go and that was enough. It started way back in 1988 as I saw Australia’s bicentennial celebrations. The party and patriotism for their country were like nothing else I had seen. I was hooked!
I had two main goals, which included to learn about their history and to see their unique wildlife. To me, there was no other country so diverse.

While mentally planning, I watched a couple of television programs, including a few famous people. Some inspired me to one-day visit. This was to be more than a standard vacation as I wanted to live and breathe in their culture.
A well-known comedian by the name of Michael Palin had been a great source of inspiration. His positive energy and optimistic outlook on the world drew me in. He showed the way different places survive and run in modern-day situations complete with their amazing history.
Another was Billy Connelly. He made a travel documentary as he rode around in Australia from venue to venue where he did stand up gigs. His methods were more tourist-driven but still inspired me to walk where he went.
I recently came from a one-month vacation staying with a close and kind friend in Dubai. The reason I mention my good friend was because she happened to have travelled in Australia a few years before me and she had been also a great source of help and inspiration in making my travels to become so much richer.
And so, I easily left my stressful computer job in rainy Manchester for a year of sun, sea and special times down under.

Keep Your Head Up and Stand Tall

‘Let Everybody Know That You Are Here, Complete With New Goals and Fresh Outlook on Life’

How Would You Like to Improve Inspiration and Your Daily Life?

Inspiration applies itself at various times and in different ways to us all. The power of inspiration is therefore achievable on a personal level.

The material serves as a starter for you to then move on and act. If you have taken no action, then what you have read serves as no purpose. We need to go ahead and improve life and this book will guide you.

Over the parts, there are many exercises to fit into your life. Do not tick off all as you go through. You should do those that help you for now and come back later for any remaining.

You Can Even Redo Some Again as They Are Not a One-time Fix.

The keyword here is action. It simply means that reading this book will not help you; it is up to you to do something. The methods here are powerful and can give you structure with control in making decisions for everyday life.

Good Luck,

Ever since my starting with Twitter, I decided to write inspiring and mindful comments. They would include comments in time management, personal growth and motivation.
I have been battling social anxiety for so long in my life and at the time this was my way of dealing with a mixed-up world.
After two years of constant tweeting, I noticed that the list was holding some insightful thoughts. At that point, I decided to write about them, covering the background and some added explanations.
I never thought, in the beginning, about writing about them or even a book, as they served as the sole purpose of being inspiring to my quotes. The take up was also positive considering I was learning how to use Twitter.