Nature Topics

Since the days at primary school, nature has been with me collecting acorns under a large oak tree next to the playing field. 

Learning about ecology and being a naturalist is a wonderful hobby. It is a field that I felt had passed by me, and regretted not being more involved. But over the past five years, I’ve learned about conservation and the balance of flora and fauna. What we do daily should not be purely focused on ourselves but the effects it has on the environment.

An example of this is the development of apps and books I have made in connection to nature. We need to spread the message that the natural world needs our help. I never see what past tasks I did as finished, but as a tool to reuse in another light.

I also grow organic vegetables for my family, which I socially share on blogging sites to help other gardeners.

Gardening Word Search Book

We all know some names of plants, trees, and terms of what we do in the garden. Here's your chance to improve that list and learn much more. You may even find some new plants or ideas for your garden.

Kitchen Gardening

I’ve gardened since I was a kid with my family. I Love the aspect of nurturing and design with the landscape. There’s a fantastic bonus of being able to eat from the garden too. Well-being is a helpful process that has helped with problems in my life. Self-help and Mediation have helped in centering focus.


Photography has been an enjoyable hobby. I like to take images in macro and of nature. Most of the photos taken come from the kitchen garden. There are always opportunities to take pictures of plants and vegetables.

Safari Word Search Book

Do you know what accessories to take on safari in the Mara or Kruger National Park? How about what birds you might see? And don't forget the Big Five!

Wild Earth Live for Android

How would you like to go on a real safari in the Mara or Kruger National Park with real guides you can ask questions to? Well, you can while sitting in your armchair. We can not only chat with the guide, but we can chat with other "safarians" as we travel around in the bush.

If you like my projects then would you be willing to donate?

I make my software and apps as free as I don’t see they need a price. I would say that any money that might be given would be for gratitude in the ability to use for whatever you do. Thanks so much if you can.