Kitchen Gardening

Being in nature has instinctively been part of my life without even choosing it.

I’ve always been around the family who gardened and grew vegetables. And so, I have used that to show my children about the timeline in growing vegetables. I’ve gardened since I was a kid with my family. I Love the aspect of nurturing and design with the landscape. There’s a fantastic sense of achievement in being fed from your garden.

I remember my youngest boy asking only a week or so after planting seeds together, “Are they ready yet?” Children are criminally denied a proper education in growing different vegetables. How much more criminal can you get when supermarkets cut and pack fruit in plastic containers and the people have no idea of their natural conditions?

I had firsthand seen a friend drink from a coconut only to think then when it was empty of liquid that it was then rubbish. The funny part was how telling him about what was inside drove him to try to get into it with only a penknife. It was safe to say that his penknife would not be able to cut anything else again.


Gardening on Instagram

On top of the practical exercise and produce we get, we should look more in-depth at gardening in a more critical light in keeping our mental health and stress to a minimum.

Well-being is a helpful process that has helped with problems in my life. Self-help and Meditation have helped in centering focus.

I have had a bumpy life with illness and stressful situations. Later a lot of it has been diagnosed with both CFS/ME and social anxiety.


If you are interested I have made a gardening word search book. Click the book to find out more.

We all know some names of plants, trees, and terms of what we do in the garden.

Here's your chance to improve that list and learn much more. You may even find some new plants or ideas for your garden.