Amateur Photography

Although I love photography, I’ve never taken to it in a professional light. My cameras have always been low to mid quality.

I have always focused n looking into a subject rather than the bigger picture. To see something that no one else has thought about in the same way triggers my quirky sense of view of the world. Everyone can take a photo of the Sydney Opera House, but what about the arc and the tiling design?

Macro and close-ups bring something so unique and highlight things that would most times never get to be seen. Over many years I have focused on improving the aspects and lighting.

Most of the photos taken recently have come from my kitchen garden. There are always opportunities to take pictures of plants and vegetables. The colors and shapes, for example, on a broccoli head, have such alien properties.  And the flowers on courgettes with bright yellow trumpets to then give way for the vegetables themselves.

When I hear that a kitchen garden is not as beautiful as a garden with flowers and a manicured lawn, the mind boggles—each to their own.


If you like what I have done above then you can see more on my professional Shutterstock page.