Web Design Manchester

I collaborate closely with clients in my latest business, helping them be at ease and engage with their ideas in making their dream marketing platform. I have four years of professional experience and becoming a specialist in web design, development, and graphics. A passion for UI and how people interact has driven me to create some inspiring projects. Furthermore, I improve their ideas with a passion for photo editing and writing/self-publishing.

I develop software, initially in a professional role, but now as a hobby. Testing and finding errors is something I am enthusiastic about doing. Creating is only part of the life cycle. Sometimes the software geek in me takes over, and I send testing tips to other developers. Again, helping others is something I feel driven to do.

After analyzing and developing code for many years, I have learned skills to transfer into other projects and improve productivity and progression. I have a somewhat over-analytical and overly logical way of thinking. It has helped in looking at problems deeply and getting good results.

Examples of successful projects include Android apps and Windows-based software. The customers then have a seamless interaction in a minimal environment.

Here is a Website Overview I Made for a Local Golf Course

This site had a significant overhaul from what was there before. It hadn’t been designed for the end-user in mind. The menu was overpowering with information in many locations.

That was the main problem that I had to fix. I went about reorganizing the main top menus before looking through the pages. It was a case of “what would golfers want to do?” I chose to break the menu to promote the members from the more promotional campaign of joining the club.

The design I felt should be a modern yet traditional style. All images are clean with white borders. Traditions are incredibly important. The font was to be clean as well, with colors taken from the logo. The prominent color was dark green with dark blue for the titles.

I worked closely for three months with my contact at the club. We went back and forth with what the club wanted to highlight to their customers.

Graphic Design

As graphics go, they must portray a story and improve their identity. There must be an improvement and a good reason for all aspects of design. I have made many websites, and without the graphics, it would have been harder to express what the websites covered.

It becomes a case of “because you can do, doesn’t mean you should do.” This phrase has followed me for a while, and not just in graphics. Its message is valid as being overly complicated will do more harm than good.

For as long as I’ve made websites, the images have always taken my focus dearly. The visual elements have always been the most intriguing. Recently, I have spent more time developing my writing skills to complement them more, which I have found on the Internet a significant crime in web design.

Apart from websites, my first major graphics project came as an English teacher in South Korea, where I helped develop cards and materials for running an English Town. This grew over the years into developing full-sized wallboards for the Town shops.

Now my focus has recently been on developing my brand with my website and business cards. It’s been hard to notice me as the controlling identity over the years and the business name too primary position. This was a step back in gaining trust with people as it made me look just like all other developers – trustworthy or not.

Based in Worsley, Eccles, and the Manchester area, I design websites for clients in small businesses and start-up companies. I’ve been doing this for close to 25 years.

I have simple beliefs in design, and those must not compromise your SEO but still make your site pleasant to your potential customers. 


The pricing is competitive and is always open to discussion. Base rates start from around £300 for the first two months.

Once it is made, the site is not finished and needs updates. If you send me the details, then I can update your site. After the first three months, I charge a per-hour cost of £20.


Let me know your budget. I am sure we can work something out. I won’t clean your budget out. The chances are we can do something now and do more later if needed.


I understand that the requirement of internet presence is not a massive requirement for every company, and that’s where I can help in stepping in to take the headache away and build great websites.

Don’t worry about any writing you have for the site. After writing and publishing many books, I have a bit of experience in proofing text.

If you like what you see, then send me a message. I would love to get to know you and your plans.

– Nigel Openshaw

"Welcome! I am the founder of this web design company in Manchester, UK. I aim to improve the online presence for small to large-sized businesses." - Nigel