If you want people to believe in you then you’ve got to show them. There’s no point sitting around saying you have many things to do and that they’re not done. It’s your call, you have to make the decision. No one can do it for you.

So stop complaining and take note of what you WANT done and list it all. Give it the respect it deserves as somethings may be incapable of being achieved to any such goal right now.
A simple system I have found to work is to create a value of 1 to 3 strokes against the items in the list.

Now before I go any further I shall say that to do this you need to work out if you prefer to do small ones first or larger ones. Depending on your choice the ones you want done now you give 1 strike. The middle ground would be given 2 strokes. And finally, the tasks and events for another day should be given 3

If you want to complain that those things are not done, then stop. There’s no room for complaining about your own actions. It gets NOTHING done, besides that’s for others to do.

Bad News!

There will be more things coming, so get stuck in. And also, no one else will do them for you.

But it Could Get Worse

If you leave it long enough you may even convince yourself it doesn’t need doing, but that might have just been that golden chance you were looking for.

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  1. The one that really works for me is to list everything out. Thanks for tips.

  2. Yeah me too. Problem I have is I make too many fractured lists. I have to try to combine better.
    Thanks DopeLifey!

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