At what point do plans become more purposeful and not just some whim. Everyone plans to be more healthy but that doesn’t mean that everyone is.

Are you just planning or shouldn’t you take more action?

I speak from a stressful situation where my other half is telling me things to the point of sounding like a dictator. The problem is that I never knew they meant ideas only. So when I finally sussed it out that it was all brainstorming and basically getting an airing then it becomes nothing more than noise; at least to me anyway.

  1. Talk to others – they can help you much more than being alone.
  2. Make small updates – create review points  to go over  what has happened so far.
  3. Organize your current plans – before adding new plans and ideas, make sure you are in control with your current state.
  4. Financial restraints – money might be a decision maker.
  5. Be inspired – its great to break the norm and feel a fresh sense of direction.
  6. Look for problems – addressing problems right away might kill instantly wasted time on enduring plans.
  7. Enjoy the new directions – take new challenges with vigor and not fear.

So what we need to do is work out first what should have action and what should not. I hope the points above help you and please share any points you have.

photo credit: SSobG via photopin (license)

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