At the moment I am in a reminiscing mood. This is an excerpt from my 2016 book Stand Tall. This was a fun example in removing everything to be organized. Back then I used to be such an overly logical person.

The best way to organize is to remove all first
In planning organization, clean everything out first and put back what you need. These things are what you see as fit to help you. Everything outside has equal rights to existing. If you pick something up and think it is not going to help you, then it does not go back.
First, you should clean out everything and make an empty space. Everything that you need including the parts that you are going to use will go back. You may have parts that do not have much of a group. You could then group them up in containers or boxes as well. This is a good method if your situation is looking a bit mixed up.

This method puts everything on an even footing outside of the original place. When we are talking about a cupboard drawer with many things, initially you may want to remove a few items that are obvious for moving to the trash.

Taking everything out and noticing what you have will allow you to give you a good plan of action with all those pieces. Everything at that point has an equal chance to stay or go.

Hope you find this helpful.

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