​I have had a pretty chilled out day reading, writing a little, being with the kids and watching a movie. Outside was overcast with rain at times and no one wanted to venture out.Later, after dinner had finished, it was time to clean up when something took my attention away. Then came the bombshell. I for some reason asked myself straight out in my mind,

“What do you want to do?”
It shocked me with the clear and precise nature. It was so much a shock to me that it felt almost like someone just attacked me. It was like someone was infront of me eye balling me wanting a response.

I still have no idea where that came from.

The problem I have is I do not have an answer. I was hoping after such an abrupt question I could have something to throw back instantly even if it was a flipant remark.

Timing as usual sucks!
Right now I plan to return to my country and so I have a great opportunity for a new and shiny career.

So far I have professional tags of being a software developer and a teacher. My hobbies include drawing, developing, photography and writing so I have some strong fields, but my question is what should take center stage and become my new career.

This is not to become a hobby or partime task but propel a new challenge in my life.

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