It’s strange to feel that for once that there is nothing to do.

The oddness of that is I have a to do list but right now seems irrelevant. I go walking or riding to clear my head and then write. Usually something pops up and go with that thought.

My mind seems to be on vacation and I wonder is it a good thing or bad thing? I don’t know.
Right now I’m sitting in a park with people going by on a lovely day and its very free. It’s spring time here and kids are playing and old folks pass by doing their power walks. There’s no worrying to be here with no clear motive as to what to do, but liberating non the less. I also don’t mind dealing with whatever situation arises next.

I think I am waiting for something but not sure what it is. Right now I am in a junction of my life and wondering which way to go. Next would be easier to choose if there was a sign. Not sure what that would be as such but I’ll keep looking.

To take my mind to a new country like this is slightly strange. To do this on vacation would be the ideal way but ill take this anyway. Solitude and peace are something I never thought too much about as they’re not areas that seem productive to me. We push ourselves constantly to achieve and obtain bigger and better things but for what?

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