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I've released all my ebooks for free for a little while. They're mostly English as a second language, as well as my Australian and New Zealand year travel. Nigelmopenshaw books I've also republished my motivational and inspirational book. It has numerous tips similar to what you find on my blog. I would love to hear your thoughts on them. So please download a copy to your kindles and ask me any questions. Thanks!


I Miss Read Failure Instead of Ill Health

I've held back from blogging and basically anything. I felt I was stretched. It was a world I wasn't happy in. The rules weren't mine. How can I live happily if I don't even know who I am, let alone what to be and do. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Social Anxiety own me so much there’s no room for anything else. So I took a moment to ask who am I? And the response was …. tumble weeds. I had no idea. It's like my…


Take the Afternoon Off and Get Out of the House

As I write this, I sit alone in a local park with only the insect for company. The reason I am alone is simple as its 35C. For myself I am pushing my health more than I have done before and it is starting to show. I have lost an incredible amount of weight and my stamina has increased beyond anything I could before remembering, so much so that jogging is now a new possibility. There are a few old guys walking through and occasionally…


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