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Within the time of teaching, he ran his own successful home-schooling business with many happy parents as their children overcame shyness and excelled in speaking English. His first business was in South Korea, where he taught elementary to adult-level students in the education sector.

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He is aware firsthand of the problems with student-teacher relationships. He therefore demonstrated how kindness and compassion can foster concord and enhance learning to aid in the approchement of students and teachers.None more so than the day he supported a pupil who was afraid of strangers. He currently has excellent grades and is a family friend.

The teaching aspect is still present even though he no longer does physical classes. He was able to be closer to his children by homeschooling them, practicing everything during lockdown, and doing both. He now concentrates on writing books, especially publications, which help new instructors integrate into foreign cultures.

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It's a wonderful way to give to and take care of people. When he first began teaching, he would have cherished a mentor.

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