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Nigel is a web designer for over 25 years collaborating with clients in Australia and the United Kingdom. Now he is mostly concentrating in Manchester, UK.

He started as a hobby in the early days of dialup internet. Back then it was a case of many gifs and audio background files. Now it’s a bit more tasteful. His sites started in the days with raw HTML coding. These days however is CMS WordPress design.

Since then he created Windows office-based software (most well-known was Newsletter Publisher), but all the time UI and layout were the most intriguing elements.

Here is a Website Overview I Made for a Local Golf Course

This site had a major overhaul from what was there before. It hadn’t been designed for the end-user in mind. The menu was so overpowering with information in many locations.

That was the main problem that I had to fix. I went about reorganizing the main top menus before looking through the pages. It was a case of “what would golfers want to do?” I chose to break the menu to promote the members away from the more promotional campaign of joining the club.

The design I felt should be a modern yet traditional style. All images are clean with white borders. Traditions are especially important. The font was to be clean as well with colours taken from the logo. The major colour was dark green with dark blue for the titles.

I worked closely for 3 months with my contact at the club. We went back and forth with what the club wanted to highlight to their customers.

As long as I’ve made websites the graphics have gone hand in hand. To be honest the graphics has always taken my focus dearly.

I’ve made many project over the years and the visual side has always been the best part. Things I’ve made include:

  • Websites
  • Windows software
  • Android software
  • Logos & banners
  • Book covers


Based in Worsley, Eccles and Manchester area, we are a company that concentrates on making websites for clients help in small businesses and start-up companies. We are experienced in web development with over 25 years with a passion for UI and UX design.

We have simple beliefs in design and those must not compromise your SEO but still make your site pleasant to your potential customers. We create modern responsive designs within a strategic partnership to help your online presence grow.

We understand the requirement of internet presence is not a huge requirement for every company and that’s where we step in to take the headache away from them and do the work ourselves.

If you like what you see then either send me a message, I would love to get to know you and your plans.

– Nigel Openshaw  – Twitter

"Welcome! I am the founder of this web design company in Manchester, UK. I aim to improve online presence for small to large-sized businesses." - Nigel

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