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It’s Time for a New Focus

This year has become a quest for where I am and what do I want to be doing. It is time to look at our lives in 2020. We must stop doing dumb stuff and truly simplify and make our lives more fulfilling. We need to focus on making our days richer and much happier.

I’ve for a while, shut down the garden blog, purely due to lack of interest.

Why flog a dead horse?

It didn’t feel like proper writing—the posts where small quips about the photos of plants or problems, etc. I found a better output so much, so I also shut down my Facebook account.

That was a good day!

I have moved over to more fun and expressive channel by the name of Instagram. Is it better? Maybe, but the same amount of content goes on spread over separate photos. And there’s a better reach to fellow gardeners.

I also have a premium channel over on Shutterstock for the best photos:

A New Focus – A Mindful Life of Wellbeing

This is now a new venture that I intend to write more deeply about to feel better within myself and connect to others in similar situations.
The problem I have is that I am so lonely in my life dealing with my problems. I feel and, to a point, know that no one else close to me wants to know. So with that, I have cut myself off from my family pretty severely. They do know about my CFS, but non know about social anxiety, although if it wasn’t obvious to them, then that shows they don’t care.

I had a handful of old posts tagged onto the side of the garden blog purely for well-being, so that’s where I am now.

I have plans to write more on my CFS and anxiety issues to become books eventually. There is a lot of information I have that will help others, no doubt.

And all I then ask is how to express my writing and how to get better at it?

So I battle on, and I am here to share my thoughts, and hopefully, you, the reader, can chat on the topics.

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