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Has Your Career Stalled?

So, how tasty is your block of cheese?

Not sure what I’m talking about, then read on.

A long time ago there was a boss I had that used a saying called ‘don’t be attracted by the block of cheese’. At the time this was quite strange as we were unaware of the reason why he was saying it, so it was seemingly quite funny to us to use this saying for it was not rightly explained. So, looking back on it now it does make sense because you can get suckered into something that doesn’t kind of help in the long-term of your career. We worked in a place that was easy to work and not that demanding. I would say that what we did didn’t prepare much for our futures.

After a while, I got the whole story and it was a situation between 2 mice. The 2 mice had coincidentally a block of cheese. One mouse would stay there with it and never leave and eat only the cheese. He would never go and get more food much to the concern of his friend. The second mouse would go out and get food from other places. Eventually, the block of cheese did run out and the first mouse was in a bit of trouble.

The reason for the saying from our boss was obviously coming from too much time with his own block of cheese

Recently this has raised its head with my long-term future and am I working to make it better? Now it’s looking that I will go back to my country after working 8 years in South Korea as an ESL teacher. To a point, I have taught kids, but the material has been purely to help teach English as a secondary language. My concern with that is it is firstly not grammar orientated and secondly not UK curriculum orientated.

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