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Don’t Give Up on Making 2020 a Great Year!

Mindfulness is Only Good if You Do Something About It

It’s only January so let’s start in 2020 as we mean to go on. Don’t give up on making this a great year.

It’s a shame that anxiety kicks in so much as it takes all fun out of the things we do. For me, I can feel it growing with an overpowering expectation to be more than I am. It’s too much pressure to deal with.

So, Have You Any New Year Resolutions?

I’m not a person who believes much in them, as waiting for a certain date to start doing something seems a waste of those previous days. I prefer to start when it’s time. And that time could be the third week in January or the third week in August, for example.

I Now Believe in Living Today!

I’ve had help from a therapist, and she focused my mind to think of now rather than before or later. She taught me about mindfulness. To say to myself, “be here now” as well as making me listen to and smell things around us helps to draw your mind to the exact moment we are in.

 I have talked about this with my youngest son who sometimes finds it hard to breathe. I told him to concentrate on 3 smells and 3 sounds. He is 9 and did okay with this. He understood the concept, but the question is can he reuse it in his own time.

CBT Has Been Amazing in Grounding Me

I’ve had about 7 months with her and at times it’s been emotional and tough to take. But as with most things we overthink them and create a situation completely out of context.

Back in the summer/autumn I would go on short walks for exercise and trying to improve my CFS. During the time I would at first think that others are judging me. 

She introduced the “be here now” mindfulness technique and over time it made for a more pleasant experience. So much so that I now really want to go out for a walk again. It’s just a shame about the winter weather.

Putting Mindfulness Into Practice is Hard…

I still catch myself over planning things, so I try to do something instantly to get out of that mindset. Anything will do to break the procrastination as I start falling into the dark pit of anxiety.

As a bonus on her guidance, I listen to relaxing meditative music on YouTube and a couple of Android apps. One I Like is

Looking on Something Else I’ve Got Wrong.

My eldest son was playing a game whereby he had to get something and give it to someone for a reward. My response was “sucker”. Doing other people’s work, what a mug. But then I realized I had the wrong thinking.

And Maybe in Life Too…

I said before if you are a person who has something to offer then you will succeed. Isn’t this that position?

I have been wrong for so long. Time to apply my availability to others.

So, to the future, I will look with hopefully more positive eyes.

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    1. Nigel

      I think that’s the CBT program in a nutshell. My therapist always seemed to brush over negative aspects to keep living now and being positive

  1. Hi Nigel, I’m here from Bella’s blog party.

    I couldn’t agree with you anymore about setting New Year’s Resolutions. Why set and start them on January 1st when we have 364 other days when we can begin them? For me, every new day is the beginning of another year.

    1. Nigel

      Hi Hugh, hope you’re well.
      Yeah if we want to do something then do it. Why wait till Jan 1st? I personally waste too much time to start with😅

  2. Hi Nigel, I popped in from Bella’s party. I can relate to your health issues, as I have fibromyalgia. Meditation and Mindfulness have helped me enormously. Gardening is one of my favourite therapies too.

  3. Hi Nigel I too have popped from Bella’s party. I loved your post and yes I can say being Mindful is very necessary. With a little practice and listening to these inspiring music you can be on the right path of being in the Here and Now.

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