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You Want Success? Great, Then Get Passionate!

Who wants success? I would say, everyone, Yes?

Next question: Do you want fulfilment?

We would mostly agree as it seems a good thing to have. But our belief to be fulfilled is not as much as success. To have success without being fulfilled would leave us a little empty. So, how can we get around to obtaining more feeling?

We need engagement and energy

Passion and feeling needs to be put into what we do, otherwise, why bother? How would you feel if you have a day talking to others with clarity, trust, openness, sincerity and caring? If it sounds great, then would you be surprised if you were happy?

Care and attention lead to good growth

If you spend your life scrounging around for little wins, you will never reach a big win. We need to commit to making success and success that would be worth doing in the first place.
Take a stand and say you will enjoy what you do and it will get better. When you reach success then your fulfilment will reach new heights.

Remember, what you put in is what you get out.

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    1. Nigel

      Hi, thanks for you kind words 🙂 . What gets you passionate?

        1. Nigel

          Ah yes. Thats very true.
          For me, to make others happy makes me happy.

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